Boerne Real Estate Contracts Lawyer

Real estate transactions can involve exciting opportunities for growth — and the risk of catastrophe if things go awry. The fact that these opposing factors (and the emotions that tend to accompany them) can be present at the same time underscores the need for an experienced lawyer if you are preparing to buy, sell or lease a significant residential or commercial property.

I am Reed Greene, a Boerne real estate contracts attorney with extensive experience handling Texas real estate transactions. I am here to help you protect your interests and avoid preventable difficulties now and in the future.

Advice Regarding Real Estate Transactions In Bexar County

At the law office of Reed Greene, M.P.A. Attorney at Law, I provide guidance to business owners, homeowners and developers who want a high level of service and a high level of assurance that their real estate matters will be handled well. I can assist you with regard to:

  • Your primary residence, vacation property or rental properties
  • Commercial property
  • Purchases, sales and leases
  • Contract notes and deeds of trust
  • Financing
  • Issues related to title

With a viable strategy and thorough contracts in place, you may be able to substantially reduce the likelihood that you will suffer loss. I welcome the opportunity to help you address your legal needs.

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With so much on the line, it is important to have a lawyer with a level of real estate experience that will give you confidence. Contact me for a free consultation regarding your real estate matter.