Defending Credit Card Lawsuits

Bexar County, Texas, Debt Collection Defense Attorney

Credit card debt is an ever-increasing problem for Americans. Not only have credit card companies made it easy to obtain credit, but many people use credit to pay for bills and other necessities because their pay has been cut or they have lost their job. Unfortunately, when people become delinquent on their payments, credit card companies attack. Creditors often respond by filing collection lawsuits to collect these debts even when they have not properly tracked if a customer has been paying on time.

Throughout Texas, people come to the law firm of Reed Greene, Attorney at Law, for credit card lawsuits defense representation when they feel they are being harassed or treated unfairly by a credit card company. I provide aggressive, comprehensive credit card lawsuit defense when consumers are being targeted unfairly. For more information about how I can help you, please do not hesitate to contact me today to schedule a no-cost consultation at my San Antonio office.

How Do Credit Card Lawsuits Occur?

Usually, when someone is sued for credit card debt, it is because the creditor has sold an old or bad debt to a third party for pennies on the dollar, and then this new owner of the debt will try and collect the full or a portion of the original amount. Because a creditor cannot garnish wages in Texas, selling debts to a third party for collection purposes is a very popular option for credit card companies.

It is important to know that sometimes these debts are very old and a credit card company may not have contacted you about this outstanding balance until you are notified by the third party. More importantly, sometimes creditors do not accurately keep track of what balances are paid off or they sell off a debt that has already been settled.

How I Can Help You With Credit Card Lawsuit Defense

If you have received this type of notice, before you write a check or call the third party to pay off the balance, contact me. I can help you research if this debt is valid and if your consumer rights have been violated. It is not unusual to have a debt sold to more than one third party and then both companies try to collect on the same balance. As your attorney, I can research the debt and see if it can be negotiated as well as minimize the impact that these transactions have on your credit report and credit score.

I am here to help you fight credit card companies using ethical, detailed credit card lawsuit defense practices.