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The greater your financial assets, the more important it is to be aware of tax concerns with regard to the administration of your estate. While many people are aware of the $5 million mark that delineates assets that are taxable at death and those that are not, most people with significant wealth are not sure how to reduce their tax exposure.

I am attorney Reed Greene. If you are concerned about your tax position, I can assist you in developing a thorough estate plan that takes into account all important aspects of your financial picture, your family structure and your wishes with regard to charitable causes. As a Boerne lawyer for high-asset estates, I have many years of experience helping affluent families protect what they have worked hard for.

Protect Your Assets | Talk To A Bexar County Lawyer For Gift Tax Strategies

At the law office of Reed Greene, M.P.A. Attorney at Law, I provide consultation to clients with regard to:

  • The drafting of trusts, which can be used to remove assets from your estate and provide for the needs of loved ones
  • Gifts, which can enable you to reduce your estate tax liability if you plan your annual giving wisely
  • Estate and trust administration

As the firm's founding attorney (and only attorney) I provide full service to every client I represent. As your lawyer, I will generally return your phone calls personally, and I will always make sure your important questions get answered as they arise.

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If you are seeking a knowledgeable trusts attorney in Boerne, Texas, contact me for a free consultation. I welcome the opportunity to serve you and your family.