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If you are going through, or contemplating, a divorce, you face some important decisions regarding property division and care of the children that will have lasting effects on everyone involved. Because it is an emotional time, it sometimes can be easy to lose sight of what is best for yourself and your children. Arriving at the quickest resolution possible offers you the best chance to minimize the emotional and financial impact of divorce.

At the office of Reed Greene, Attorney at Law, in San Antonio, Texas, I remain focused on the big picture of family law issues, including divorce. It is my role to offer my clients objective and sound legal guidance during a difficult period. Contact me if you need help with any of the following issues:

  • Divorce: I can help you negotiate a fair and reasonable marital termination agreement that will protect your rights and assets. I will advise you on property division, making sure your interests are protected throughout the divorce process. If an agreement cannot be reached, I will be prepared to litigate where necessary.
  • Child custody and visitation: These issues are often the most difficult in a divorce. I encourage the parties to arrive at an agreement on the issues beforehand; otherwise, custody and visitation will be determined by the court, as guided by the child's best interests. Where there are accusations of abuse or neglect, I will advocate on your behalf in seeking, or defending against, protective orders.
  • Child support: I will help assess your financial situation and ensure that the court fully and fairly takes into account your circumstances in arriving at the support figure. It is my job to see that you do not overpay for child support, nor that you receive any less than what is needed for the children.
  • Spousal support: In Texas, spousal support is awarded in limited circumstances and only in marriages that lasted for more than 10 years. Typically, it is granted for a limited period to allow one spouse the means to become self-supporting.
  • Modifications: After a divorce, circumstances may change that no longer reflect the basis of the original child custody, child support or spousal support order. I represent parties on both sides of modification, either in seeking or defending against it.

Other Family Law Services

My family law practice also extends to non-divorce related issues. I help individuals in the San Antonio and surrounding areas draft prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements and agreements in contemplation of cohabitation. These contracts can help you protect your assets in the event the relationship does not work out by specifying in advance the terms of the property division.

I facilitate adoptions and can assist in domesticating foreign adoption decrees. Questions about adoptions also arise where an ex-spouse is no longer able to care for a child, due to mental or physical incapacity, incarceration or abandonment. In these cases, I can help you in the process seeking termination of parental rights and advocate for adoption by the new spouse.

In addition, I represent mothers and fathers in paternity proceedings. Depending on the outcome of a paternity test, issues regarding child support, custody and visitation may arise. I will be your advocate in protecting your rights as a parent.

There are many issues that fall under the umbrella of family law, and I am more than prepared to represent you in any of them. Contact me for a free initial consultation about your family law issue.