Attorney For Living Trusts In Boerne

Effective estate planning provides a vehicle for thorough preparation for the future. In particular, it gives a person the ability to create a situation that is as conflict-free and financially advantageous as possible — both before and after death.

If you are seeking guidance regarding living trusts in Boerne or elsewhere in the San Antonio area, I can provide it. As a lawyer committed to protecting my clients' best interests, I have been involved in complex estate planning matters for decades.

Advice Regarding Living Trusts, Including Generation-Skipping Trusts, In Bexar County

At the law office of Reed Greene, M.P.A. Attorney at Law, in Boerne, Texas, I help my clients create estate plans that are tailored to their specific needs. If your circumstances call for the establishment of a living trust, you and your family may benefit by:

  • Minimizing, reducing or eliminating liability with regard to federal inheritance tax, sometimes referred to as the "death tax"
  • Creating a generation-skipping trust (GST) that can help your grandchildren with college expenses and other needs in the future
  • Leveraging an excellent vehicle to give to the needy, rather than to Uncle Sam

Nobody wants to pay more in taxes than they should. To that end, I can help you plan your estate thoroughly and shrewdly so you can decide what will happen to your hard-earned assets.

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Some people have questions about what they stand to gain from using a living trust versus a will. Once I understand your needs and goals, I can answer your questions in the bigger-picture context of your overall estate plan. Contact me to start the conversation.